Tuesday, September 10, 2013

more confessions and observations

>Finding free wi-fi in public is the equivalent of pirates finding their treasure.

>Awkwardly making eye contact with someone. But not just once. Doing it over and over again. I think you both are just checking to make sure the other has stopped staring at you. Nope they haven't. And neither have you.

>As a nanny when I wanted to eat a treat and wanted it all to myself I would hide in the pantry until I was done eating it so the kids wouldn't see.

>Along the nanny line.....whenever the kids would see a spider they would request for me to kill it. I don't like spiders. Or killing them. So I would hit the wall in the general area of the spider and then tell the kids that I had killed it.No real attempts were ever actually made to kill the spiders.

>I have a secret love for Hannah Montana. I saw every episode and if there is ever a re-run I will for sure be watching it. I also loved the movie. She's a musical genius.

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