Tuesday, September 24, 2013

scaring my roommate

(Hiding in the kitchen closet waiting to scare my roommates)

I love to scare people.
I have my whole life. 
For one, it's hillarious.
Also, it's interesting to see how people react when they think someone's attacking them.
I think that most people would not survive because they would cower or dance around.
Or any other assortment of ridiculous things that people do when they get scared.
This weekend I tried scaring my roommate Kathleen.
On Saturday night I thought she was about ready to come to bed.
So I hid and got ready to pop out.
Well, she didn't come to bed.
I waited about an hour before falling asleep in my hiding spot.
Sunday night rolled around and I was as wide awake as Katy Perry.
I knew I had to try again.
So as she comes into the room thinking I'm asleep on my bed I prepare myself.
When she's done saying her prayers and about ready to get into bed,
I whisper "Boo".
She dances around the room for a solid thirty seconds and then jumps onto her bed.
And throws a pillow at me.
Her first line of defense. 
Pretty solid protection right there.
Maybe I will try again tonight.

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