Friday, August 30, 2013

a bombardment

Does anyone else get extremely exhausted from meeting new people?
I had orientation today.
And besides all of the awesome free stuff that I got,
I also made a ton of new friends.
Do I remember any of their names?
No, but what do you expect?
One thing I did learn today is that maturity does not come with age.
I am somewhat ashamed to admit that I about had a meltdown when I was told to go outside to get a doughnut and then I heard
"Oh no, we don't have doughnuts. Your prize for winning the scavenger hunt was knowledge."
Are you kidding me?
I would take a doughnut over knowledge any day.
Then at lunch I traded my banana for an extra cookie.
Best trade I've ever made.
Something else I learned is that the education department runs on butterflies and rainbows.
I walked into the orientation and was flooded with a bucket of nice-ness.
Everyone smiles and introduces themselves to anyone and everyone.
It was a bit too much for my exhausted self to handle.

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