Thursday, September 19, 2013

never say never

 <Insert picture of a mop bucket here>

(This is the only picture that I have that has any remote connection to my job. Therefore.....toilet paper.)

This is not a direct quote from the Biebs.
Just good advice to follow.
So, let the story begin.
When I was a young miss of 14 years old I got my first real job as a custodian (sweeper).
At the elementary school.
It was my destiny.
Both my older sisters worked there (and both my younger siblings now as well).
After three long years working there I got fired for being a chatty kathy.
I walked out of there and said "Never will I ever be a custodian again."
Two and a half years later at SUU....
I got a job as a custodian.
Just as miserable, but this time I didn't get fired.
I changed schools.
And as I walked out on my last day I said "Never will I ever be a custodian again."
Three months later at BYU.....
I got my current job.
As a custodian.
It's a curse I've decided.
Anyways, after all these years of experience I have learned some things from this glamorous job.
1. I've gotten REALLY good at Solitaire. Like, I-could-win-competitions-good.
2. My favorite part about work is that I perform my own rock concert every day. Leave me alone in an empty building with music and I will be jamming. I am positive that every custodian does this. I have caught many others doing it. I worry how many have caught me....
3. Sometimes you just need to buck up and touch gross things. Especially in the women's locker room. Bleh.
4. Along with #3, girls are disgusting. After comparing the men's and women's locker rooms I have concluded that we are the grosser species.
5. Also, they must have designed the locker room after a woman's mind because it is a labyrinth. 
6. You get to learn your co-workers real well. There is an astounding amount of down time that is spent learning the deepest depths of each other's lives
7. Last but not least, adults poop on the ground too. Yes. Don't put it past a faculty member to drop a deuce on the locker room floor.

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