Saturday, September 7, 2013

last friday night

The first Friday spent in Provo was.....a dissapointment.
First, I spent some time in the library doing homework with Nate.
Then, my roommates were all gone.
So since I don't know many people in this big ol' city I decided to get a redbox.
(And gorge myself with Oreos of course.)
I head to the Maverik Redbox and.....
It was made for strictly Spanish readers.
It was going berserk and nobody could figure out how to work it.
So I headed to Smith's and guess who I saw?
My forty-something divorced boss.
Doing the same thing with her Friday as I was.
The dissapointment was heavy.
So I headed home empty handed and broken hearted.
Then....the wifi stopped working.
So it was just me, Def Leopard, and Pat Benatar having a dance party.
I also tested the slippery-ness of my wood floors with various towels and blankets.
Yup, it's not slippery.
I about face planted it multiple times.
Shameless selfies were taken as well.
Thanks for the welcome Provo.
Maybe you can calm it down a bit next week?
Please, for me?
And if any Provo citizens wanna help me get over my hate for this city, feel free to try.

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