Wednesday, June 19, 2013

yoga mat strap

I am joining a rock climbing gym in about a month or two.
They offer yoga classes.
I figured this would be a good opportunity.
Now I can use my yoga mat that hasn't gotten any use.
Since I bought it two years ago.
I wanted to make something to carry it with.
Since I will be most likely riding my bike to the classes.
So I figured out how to make this carrier.

Pick a fabric that you like first.
I just used some scrap fabric that I had left over from a project.

Cut a strip about 2 inches long-wise.
The length of it can be however long your heart desires.

Sew the sides together, keeping the pretty side on the inside.

Flip it inside out (I found this was the most tedious part).

Measure two 4 inch wide pieces so that they wrap around the mat with extra left on the ends.

Sew these pieces the same as the long piece.
With the pretty side on the inside.

Flip these pieces inside out as well and sew the short ends closed.
Attach the ends of the long piece onto the insides of the short pieces (either side right now) and pin.
(No picture for this step).
Sew the piece around all of the edges so it stays secure.

Measure two pieces of velcro and glue them onto the ends of both pieces.
Make sure that one is on the inside and one is on the outside so that they will attach.

Once you've glued the velcro on you can put it on the mat and you're on your way!

I hope that these instructions made sense.
If clarification is needed, just message below! :)

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