Wednesday, June 26, 2013

striped shirt diy

I saw this idea on Merrick's Art.
I am apparently illiterate and was unable to understand the instructions.
So I just had to wing it.
Hopefully you understand it?
First grab a t-shirt and some spare fabric.
Turn the T inside-out.

I started off by fixing the sleeves because this is a man's shirt.
I simply cut off the amount I wanted gone on both sides.
Then hemmed them.

Next cut out the back....not all of it.
I just cut until I reached the bottom of the sleeves.

Then measure a piece of fabric by laying the just-cut-off piece of t-shirt over top.

Take this fabric and first sew the top together. Set the edges together and stitch.
Make sure the side edges match up as well first.

Sew the two sides to the original t-shirt sides.

Next, hem all around the bottom.
I hemmed around the whole shirt, but you can make the back longer.

Pocket time! This was the hardest part, I thought.
Cut out a square piece of fabric, however big you want.

Hem all four sides.
And pin to shirt.

Stitch three sides onto the shirt, leaving the top side open.

And voila!
This is such a cute and comfy tee. Love it!
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