Sunday, June 16, 2013

confessions and observations of a college student: part 3

1. I hosted a game night last night. My friends and I are pretty competitive. We all like to win. So it was rather humorous when Tami said "guys I keep getting tempted to cheat but then I don't, so don't worry" Integrity. It's about time.

2.Has anyone been to a Zumba class? I went to a couple when I was down at SUU. I could only stand to attend a few. I just cannot shake my booty (or rest of my body for that matter) as well as the others. I feel as if Zumba classes are a bit humorous. I just watched a zumba video and I decided that these classes are basically a bunch of women doing the same moves as the instructor ten seconds late and half as good.

3. So I am a nanny. I went to work one day this week and the kids and I were playing outside with the neighbor kids. They are 5. One of them asked me where I work. I said that this is what I do for work. Apparently this answer was not acceptable because he said "Maybe you should go get a real job..." Punk! Have you seen this economy??

4. I have to be honest here. I know that everyone will hate me and throw rocks through my windows. I hate Nutella. I know that I'm supposed to like it, but I just don't. The one time I ate it was enough.

5. Me and Hannah sent a birthday package to our friend Bryce in the MTC. Included in the package were two balloons. Happy birthday, here is a bag of our breath....

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