Friday, June 28, 2013

june's favorites

I cannot believe that this month has gone by so fast!
Looking back at my calender I thought some of these things had happened last month.
That's how fast June flew by.
Summer is halfway over for me.
But these are my favorites from this month:
1. A fabulous game night with fabulous friends.
We played Egyptian Ratscrew, Nertz, and Wizard.
We also spooned.

2. Tami and I made a few movies.
We got many stares as we walked around the lake with a chair.
This was necessary in our movie making.
Believe it or not, earlier that day we had walked around the city carrying a globe.

3. I started a puzzle.
It's on my bucket list to finish one without looking at the picture.
It's giving me a headache.

4. I attended a fitness class.
Yes, it's true.
And I stuck it out the whole time.
Using a wobbly surfboard sure works your core muscles fabulously.
I will definitely be trying it again.
Check it out here!

5. And I took my friend's mission pictures.
Yay! She will be a fabulous missionary!
Check out the pictures here.

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