Tuesday, June 11, 2013

viewing others

I just went to an inspiring institute class.
The question that we were asked was what makes us disciples of Christ?
Eventually the answer we were looking for was how we treat others.
The idea of how we treat others seems very simple on the surface.
But how we treat others is dependent on how we view others.
Many examples were given of how we view others.
As pests, interruptions, as groups, as a reflection of us, as objects to use.
We are all guilty of treating people like this.
We often do it subconsciously.
What if we made a more conscious effort to change this though?
What if every time we saw someone as an object and not as who they really are,
We changed our thinking?
We are all human beings.
We are all individuals.
We are all going through hard things in life.
We are all sons and daughters of the same God.
So why should we treat others as less than that?
How different the world would be if we made the effort to sincerely get to know others.
How much love and happiness there would be if we just accepted others.
Let's serve more.
Let's get to know and connect with others.
Let's see people for who they are and not a label.
Let's catch our judgmental thinking and reverse it.
So that we can all be better disciples of Christ.

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