Wednesday, June 5, 2013

a climber's catch phrase

A climber's catch phrase: "NICE!"
I think this word is said more than any other by a climber.
I try to shake it up by using other words.
Sweet, Nectar, Ace, and Boss just don't catch on though.
I have not seriously bouldered in probably a good three months.
The last month or two of school at the rock wall was spent chatting.
So when I went this week it was a bit of a shock.
Tami and I went up Little Cottonwood Canyon to check out the boulders.
It was a bit rough.
I took the saying "caught between a rock and a hard place" seriously....
When I got caught between a rock and a tree.

The route I was climbing required me to squeeze underneath this tree in order to top out.
And it was a tight squeeze.
At least it ensured my safety from falling right?

I decided to continue the climbing this morning.
I woke up bright and early at six to go climbing at Momentum with my friend Nick.
I am proud of myself that I finished some V1's and almost a V2.
At least I got that far..
My hands definitely need to build up some callouses again.
But I'm glad I went.
I've missed it.

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