Sunday, June 9, 2013

confessions and observations of a college student: part dos

1. I have to park my car on the street....under the trees. Many birds live in those trees and my car always ends up covered in bird poop. Now, I don't care about having a dirty car, but other people do. Its really embarrassing to step out of this poop covered car while in the presence of people and even more embarrassing when I walk to my car in public and see people pointing and laughing at it. (That's when I pretend that it's not my car and I join in the pointing and laughing). You know your car is getting really bad when the people you nanny for pay for you to get a car wash because they are embarrassed of having it sit in front of their yard....true story.

2. For FHE last week we played Tornado. I have not played this since elementary and it definitely lived up to my memories. Now I am incredibly good at this game and everyone I played with knows this.....(that's a complete lie.) Clearly I have not played basketball in some time because when I made a "nothing-but-net" shot from the starting spot I yelled "WOOH! A hole in one!" For anyone that plays basketball you will know that this saying does not go with this sport. Awk-city.

3. Have you ever noticed that 10% can be two completely different amounts depending on the context? When we get a 10% discount at a store we think "What? That's nothing! I might as well not even get a discount!" but when we have to pay 10% in tithing we think "What? That's everything!"

4. Mormons are the best at finding metaphors in life. Pretty sure every Mormon can turn any life experience into a spiritual lesson. We could buy a pet llama and turn that into some amazing testimony building talk. We are good at what we do peeps.

5. I just watched White Chicks and I'm pretty sure that the only thing we can learn from that movie is that girls would be more awesome if we were all actually guys.

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