Sunday, June 2, 2013

confessions and observations of a college student

Sometimes funny things happen in life.
But actually they happen a lot.
I figured that the world would want to know all about the crazy things that happen to me.
So I started this series.
Let's see how long this lasts shall we?

So let's begin.
1. I'm making plastic pants. I figured the episode off of Friends where Ross wears leather pants was enough motivation for me. Apparently I want to someday be in that situation. The lady at the store that was cutting the fabric for me thought I was nuts. For anyone confused.....just trust me. I have a vision.

2. Speaking of Friends. One time I was returning a Redbox DVD and accidentally returned Season 2 Disc 2 of Friends. It was a sad day. Whoever rented the movie that was supposed to be in that case must have been ecstatic. Because those fools didn't return it. They selfishly kept it for themselves. The Redbox recovery team never found it.

3. I decided to ride my bike to my friend's house the other day. I don't know why I give myself such challenging tasks. It was all uphill. I had to take a few breaks in the shade. But let me tell you....I never gave up. I made it to her house. Everytime I was tempted to give up and ride down that hill all the way back home I just pretended that I was the heroine in the book I am currently reading and charged into the wind. It really helps to ride a bike when you are pretending that someone is trying to kill you.

4. One time I walk into my kitchen and I see a bunch of muffins on the counter. SWEET, I think to myself. And then naturally I ate five. I thought they tasted kinda funny, but man I love to eat. Later that day my sister walks into the kitchen and says "HEY! Who ate my science experiment??"

5. I must confess something. The real reason I broke up with this one guy was because he tried to make out with me during The Walking Dead. PUNK! I wanted to watch that! Ain't nobody get in the way of me and The Walking Dead. Is there no respect for good television these days? (I'm kidding.....kinda....)

And here is a picture that I took that won a photo contest! OK OK, the contest was a little bias. I was the only one that entered. And I was also the judge. But a win nonetheless.

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