Thursday, April 28, 2016

april favorites

Movie: The Boy. (Maggie aren't you supposed to be killing zombies...?) Check out the trailer here. It was SO good and definitely had a twist that nearly made me pee my pants. It is about a creepy doll that comes to life so if that touches a little close to home it anyways and pay big bucks for the therapy later.

Show: Jane The Virgin. I've been watching it more than just in April but it is just too good to not include in this first and honorary Favorites. It's the perfect balance of hilarious, mysterious, and dramatic. It completes me in a real way.

Book: Playing Dead by Julia Heaberlin. There are some parts of this book that made my blush (yes, the word sex still makes me giggle like a twelve year old) but that was only a couple of times. This is a "murder" mystery book that has you hanging on from the beginning.

Workout: I love me some easy at-home workouts that don't require much movement. Don't think it exists? Well, it does. And it's linked right here. You literally just sit there and you still feel major burn. You may have to do it a few many times to see results, but it's sure doing something.

Recipe: I made this for dinner just tonight and it was incredibly easy and really delicious too. We thought it was yummy but I'm more concerned about the easy part...It is linked here. 

Music: Meghan Trainor. Yeah, I said it. And I'm not ashamed. My library allows 5 free song downloads a week so for the past 3 weeks I have been slowly collecting all of her stuff. It is so poppy that you just wanna sing and dance for the whole world. And it has just the right amount of promiscuity to make it worthwhile.

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