Sunday, May 1, 2016

record pt. 2

I'm not sure why I've always had this desire to keep memories and write down everything important.
But I'm glad that I have.
And now I am to the point where all of those things are actually organized, which makes it a lot easier to continue saving my memories.
In a recent post I talked about how important it is to write a record and leave a legacy.
And now I'm going to show you how I do that.
^I keep a smaller shoe box-sized (ish) box for all of my travel and adventure keepsakes. Souvenirs from travels, maps, pamphlets, tickets, etc. ^
 ^I LOVE to make home movies. And I have been ever since I started college. So every couple of years I put them onto a DVD so that I can always go back and watch them. ^
^Derek and I both have a BIG box of our childhood memories. His is filled with trinkets, toys, and mission stuff. Mine is filled with journals, yearbooks, cards, trinkets, wedding announcements, etc.^
^I also scrapbook most of my pictures. (If they don't make it to the scrapbook I put them in a movie slideshow to be put on a DVD) I used to scrapbook the old school way with paper and stamps. But now I use to make all of my scrapbooks. I made my first one when I went to Europe and now I'm working on my first "adult" life one. And then I plan on printing them out every two years.^

^I of course write in my journal as well. I write all of the more "Dear Diary" mushy gushy stuff in them. And then my blog posts and stories from my life are written in the scrapbook.^
^And lastly, I keep a folder filled with mine and Derek's memories together. Tickets, love notes, pictures, etc.^ 

"Although anticipation is about savoring the future, it is worthy to note that you can also generate positive emotion by savoring the moments you once anticipated. Whether it is a mental snapshot, or a conversation spent reminiscing about a special moment, savoring the past is one way to extend the joy beyond the moment."

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