Friday, April 22, 2016



An excerpt from an elementary journal of mine:
"I kind of like Jacob! Oh no....Oh shoot.....What if somebody reads this? Almost everybody knows that Daniel is my boyfriend and this is pen! I am DOOMED!!"
Let's first review some facts.
1. This supposed "Jacob" character wasn't real.
Well, he technically existed, but not in my life.
He was my current love obsession from the movie Cheaper By The Dozen.
Not a threat to any real romance in my life.
2. And "Daniel"?
Yeah, he wasn't even my boyfriend. Ever.
But apparently everybody knew that he was.
3. That was all I wrote for that day.
Just that.
What was point of pulling out my pen and journal that day?
And who was I so afraid was going to see this?

Regardless, thanks to my young 5th (?) grade self I get to laugh at all of these ridiculous things.
And in the future, my children will pull out my box of memories and wonder who Jacob and Daniel were and why their father wasn't fighting them for my love.
Now when I get to look back through old journals filled with ridiculousness it just makes me so happy.
And when I look back through old journals filled with deep thoughts, struggles, victories, and knowledge I am reminded of so much.
It is SO important to keep a journal guys.
Even if you haven't been writing since elementary school like I have, start now.
Write a record and leave a legacy.
Even if you're not a very good or consistent writer, just do what you can.
Pull out a journal right now and write down one good thing from your day.
And if you can't think of even one good thing just write what your loving on Netflix or Hulu these days.
And in a post coming soon I will share how I keep a record of my life.

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