Tuesday, April 26, 2016

the thing about marriage

Before you get married you wonder how you will live with someone that you have such a crush on.
How will you go to the bathroom with them in the same house?
How will you wax your mustache while he's there?
What if you get super sick and nasty and he has to hold your hair back while you throw up?
And then you get married and you realize that you can't do all of these unlady-like things while Prince Charming is sleeping.
And you can't hold those farts in forever.
(Probably not medically safe.)
Eventually you have to let your inner freak fly.
Because your husband is your best friend and he still thinks you're beautiful, even with a waxing strip above your lip.
And sometimes in marriage we let our emotions get the best of us and we get upset about silly things.
All of a sudden his kind act of getting you a medium instead of a small becomes a fight.
But afterwards, when you've come back down to Earth, you realize that he still loves you.
Even though you're crazy.
You see each other at your absolute WORST and yet, there's nobody you would rather be with.
Nobody else you would rather fight about nothing with.
Nobody else you would reluctantly say "I'm Sorry" to.
And nobody else you would rather switch off carrying the load of life with.
So even though marriage is ridiculously hard sometimes, it's mostly really really good.


  1. yes, yes, YES. this is beautiful. and so perfectly true. I'm nuts, but somehow, somehow, he still loves me. thanks for posting xX


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