Wednesday, April 6, 2016

the accidental text

There's a certain level of complacency that comes with learning a new task.
When you first get your license you are on high alert the ENTIRE time you are driving, worried that you are going to die.
But then months pass....and years pass....
And now when you drive you completely zone out for the whole trip and as you step out of the car you have a sense of panic inside you because you don't even know how you got there.
The same goes for phones.
After being an expert with your thumbs for a few months your vigilance becomes complacence.
And you start making mistakes.
Not checking for errors or incoherence.
And definitely not checking for who you are sending messages to.
We have all made the mistake of texting that one obscure person in our study group, "Thanks for washing my underwear, I love you" instead of your mom.
(Or a just as equally horrifying equivalent)
I myself have made a few minor mistakes in my phone-handling days.
But the one that gets me most may have also lost me some friendships.
It was in middle school and I was at the mall with two of my gal pals on a Saturday afternoon.
And my sister was going to pick us up.
(Man, remember the days without driver's licenses??)
These two gal pals were taking FOR-ever to pick out a dang body lotion and I was starting to get real hangry.
And texting while hangry is dangerous.
(Add in a 3 AM cry-fest and you're basically drunk driving)
So, in the middle of Bath and Body Works I text my sister something along the lines of, "UGH. These girls are taking so long! You might have to wait outside for a while!"
And after I sent it half of my subconscious noticed that one girl looked at her phone, showed it to the other girl, and then everything got quiet.
But the other half of my subconscious (which is clearly the dumber half) did not notice the awkward silence at all and continued on with my hangry self.
We finally left the sea of lotions and went to get some food.
And once the monster inside of me had quieted I realized that my sister hadn't texted back yet.
So I check my phone and notice that my text did not go to it's intended recipient.
Instead, it had gone to one of the girls that I was so kindly complaining about.
Who was also currently sitting across the table from me.
See, with my blurred thought process I knew that I was thinking of texting about this individual.
So of course, with her name being in the forefront of my thoughts, I sent it to her.
Without hesitation or question.
Silly me and my trust of technology!

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