Tuesday, April 19, 2016


A lot of people in the world have cats.
And if you don't have cats, but your neighbors have cats; then you have cats.
I am personally more of a snuggly-get-fur-everywhere-and-eat-all-the-food-off-of-the-counter-dog type of person.
But my neighbors have cats.
So we have cats.
And one Summer I would always leave my car windows down because I didn't have AC and I needed some airflow in that monstrosity.
And it worked.
I got air flow.
But I also got cats.
Those little buggers would see an open window with nice, comfy, inviting seats inside; just for them.
And they would jump right in there and SLEEP!
I would get up in the morning and have to shoo them out of my car before I went anywhere.
I was really worried that one day I would be halfway to Provo and look in my rearview mirror just to see a cat lounging in the backseat in a ray of sunshine.
But one of my favorite memories of Derek also involves those Da** cats.
We were walking up to my front door and a cat jumped right in front of Derek.
They made eye contact for a second or two and all Derek could think was,
"Ooh a cat! I've never been this close to one. I should touch it."
So he bends down, arms outstretched towards this cat, and he suddenly grabs it.
And it promptly starts attacking him with its claws.
Yet, he doesn't set the dang thing down.
"What do I do with it????"
"What are you doing?? Set it down!!"
He finally sets the poor cat down and it scampers off into the darkness to warn his friends about the scary giant picking up animals.
"Why the heck did you pick up that cat?"
"I don't know! It was just right there and I've never been that close to one so I grabbed it!"
Hmm. Flawed logic?

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