Sunday, April 3, 2016

peace always wins

The great thing about this world is that we are all born different.
We have so much diversity in our culture, lifestyles, and experiences.
And because everybody is so different we can learn so much from each other.
The bad thing about this world is that some people despise these differences.
Opinions and perspectives and debates are good.
It's good to question, research, and listen to others in order to form your own ideas and opinions about life.
What's not OK is to think that you can berate and belittle others to get your point across.
Honestly, nobody is going to even care about your opinions after hearing your unnecessarily harsh words.
Share your opinion and stop there.
If it doesn't affect you then stop fighting it so much, acting as if it does.
Stop diminishing things that make others happy.
I've only entered into two Facebook 'debates' in my life.
And I can tell you that sharing your opinions with a peaceful demeanor can shut someone down quicker than using your words to incite anger.
Peace will always win.
And if it doesn't win the debate, it wins because you weren't affected by their angry bitterness.
Who really even wins a debate?
The person leaving filled with peace, knowing that they stood their ground respectfully; or the person so filled with anger that they don't affect anybody?
I might not be able to make everybody in the world understand this but I can make sure that me and my family live our lives full of peace.
Because the worst way to find happiness is to "derive more pleasure from your neighbor's failure (and unhappiness) than your own success (and happiness)."

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