Wednesday, April 13, 2016

snow canyon state park

While we were in St. George this weekend Derek and I headed to Snow Canyon to climb around on some rocks.
We had first planned to go see the sunset, but it was so cloudy that that wasn't going to be possible.
However, it was so fun to be there in the rain with nobody else there!
It was GORGeous.
And for some reason every time we try to hike in St. George we get lost beyond belief.
Last year we got lost on a butte, with the city lying just a stone's throw away.
And this year we traipsed all over this poor state park looking for some sort of trail that would lead us to cool stuff.
Either the trails weren't labeled very well or we were just oblivious.

And linked here is our traditional important-event-video:VIDEO
(There were definitely more people on this trip than the video portrays.
We are just vain.
But it's more that I'm not quite at the comfort level needed to film those folk.)

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