Monday, December 30, 2013

salt scrub

I make most of my own cleansing products.
I got into a chemical-free phase (craze) a while back.
And thus began my making of most things that go on my face.
I use this salt scrub on acne and scarring and I love it.
It is very good at preventing acne, stopping acne, and clearing up past acne marks.
And since it's salt it does burn tarnation out of your face the first little while of using it.
It doesn't do it to me anymore cause I use it everyday.
And my skin always feels better when I use it.
Without further ado.....

Alrighty, what you need is these three things up there.
(About the looks like it came from a Barbie play set but it didn't.
I acquired it from some beauty product of the past.
If you don't have one then you can just apply this with your finger.)
So you fill the container with the sea salt.
Then add water until it looks similar to a slushie and mix it all in nice and good.
When you use it apply it to areas that need a lil' TLC.
Leave it on for ten minutes and then wash it off.
Sometimes the water in the mixture will dry up after a few weeks.
So occasionally I will re-add water before I use it.
And there ya have it people.

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