Sunday, December 1, 2013


Last night my roommates and I headed over to the hot tub.
We met a man there and we all ended up chatting.
He eventually told us his conversion story and how much he loves this church.
I just loved how friendly and open he was to us, as complete strangers.
I have found that the encounters that I have with strangers are often the most memorable.
Because somebody took the time out of their day to get to know me, a person they didn't even know.
I believe that we have something to learn from every single person that we cross paths with.
So how do we treat these people?
Do we ignore them?
Do we speak harshly to them?
Do we criticize and judge them?
Or do we talk to them and learn from them?
How somebody treats their friends and family says a lot about them,
But how somebody treats complete strangers says even more about them.
The true judge of character is how we act towards those that we have no obligation or expectation to love.


  1. Oh yes--encounters with strangers can be so interesting, either for better or for worse. It's definitely worth contemplating whether I'm a good part or a not-so-good part of the day for the strangers that I run into!

    1. Yes, it can also be for the worse! It's sometimes hard to treat everyone we encounter with love and respect but if we are making a more conscious effort we will be able to work on it more!


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