Sunday, December 29, 2013

la cuisine gastronomique

(Once upon a time a girl said "Man, ranch makes everything better. If Obama was covered in ranch he would be the best president ever." No, that girl was not me, but it might as well have been.)

When browsing through pinterest I never have any trouble finding food ideas for college students.
But these ideas are always oober fancy and just as expensive.
There should be a more realistic food guide.
A list of the food that you eat when you get home from class and think,
"hmm...this tub of butter is starting to look yummy."
This is, of course, after you raid your roommate's food first.
(Which I don't recommend because sometimes they sneak laxatives into the food to find out who is eating their food....but that's a story for another day....)
I have found that college students get hungry enough to eat really weird stuff.
I haven't yet met anybody desperate enough to eat a tub of butter but I hope to someday find that person.
One day I made spaghetti noodles and then after they were cooked I realized....
I had no sauce.
And I sure as heck wasn't going to go buy some.
So I improvised.
I used ranch.
And was disgusting after a couple of bites.
One day on my way to work I picked up a co-worker and he gets in the car with a sandwich.
I ask him what kind.
And he says boldly, "butter and sugar."
I could only nod my head in understanding. 
Sometimes you have to get creative and just throw every leftover in a pot, cook it, and cross your fingers.
Tam and I did this last year.
I think there was a mac-and-cheese cheese packet, rice, beans, beef, carrots, and a butt load of salt.
And you can bet that it was nasty.
But we ate it.
Cause that's what you do in college.
It's the life, it really is. 


  1. My Mom has stories of eating spaghetti o's cold, straight out of the can, because pouring it into a bowl, microwaving it, and then having to wash the bowl seemed too time-consuming and inefficient when she was in college. haha!

    1. hahahaha oh my goodness that is so gross-i love it!


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