Friday, December 6, 2013

an escapade

This morning we went exploring up the canyon.
I'm  trying to enjoy this winter weather and all.
But this is not the escapade to which I am referring.
It all started last night.
I head to my car to leave for work when I notice that I have a flat tire.
Gosh dang it all to heck.
Nothing a little rope and duct tape can't fix right?
Luckily, some men from my ward stumbled upon me while I was brewing fix-it ideas in my mind.
They kindly helped me put the spare on and I was on my way to work.
But then the most exciting thing of the night happened.
As I was driving to work I turned left in a fairly busy intersection and....
my door FLIES OPEN!
All I could do was scream and attempt to grab it to pull it closed.
But alas, my arms are not that long.
I couldn't stop my car because there was people behind me.
I couldn't pull over because the shoulder was covered in a snow drift.
So.....since I was in no immediate danger I had to drive the 100 feet or so to the parking lot.
With my door open.
On my way home from work I had to hold the passenger door closed while I drove.
Since this is uncomfortable and fairly unsafe I started brainstorming again.
And this time rope would do the trick.
I rigged up a leash that is connected to my passenger door that I can hold onto while I'm driving.
It's real ghetto.
Oh, and mom don't worry.
I got my flat tire fixed without spending a dime.
Those mechanics always take pity on me.


  1. This is awesome. Just like you are awesome. The end.

    1. Haha well thank you :) I find you pretty awesome as well!

  2. We recently had our car door refuse to close--it was a tough one, my husband had to get a new part from the junkyard and take the door apart in order to fix it. It seems so silly, a little think like a broken door latch, but you really can't drive with an open door!! Quite an escapade!

    1. oh my goodness are you serious? I hope that I don't have to take my door apart haah


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