Tuesday, December 24, 2013

an update

I've been working on a challenge to live with only 100 items.
I kinda keep forgetting to go through my stuff.
But these last couple of weeks  I have been selling a whole bunch of my clothes.
And it has felt so good.
I have less belongings and more money for adventures.
I follow this one blog called the daily simple.
Check it out yo.
Every time I read one of her posts I am inspired to live my life more simply.
(One of her recent ones was beautiful. It was titled Simple Moments Defined)
But the one that I want to write about is one that she wrote about Craigslist.
She writes about the free section on Craigslist and how this is such a great resource.
She posts a lot of the things she doesn't want anymore on this section and people that need it contact her.
This way, that person doesn't have to go to a thrift store to buy it.
I decided to give it a go since Christmas is coming up.
I posted a few random things that I have acquired over the years.
And the response was great.
All week I have had people e-mailing me and calling me wanting the things I was giving away.
I met up with all sorts of people and got to know complete strangers.
I have gotten a couple of board games from D.I. that I haven't played in a while so I decided those could go.
One woman e-mailed me wanting these games for Christmas.
And I got to hear her story.
She has six kids and her husband is out of work and these games were going to be such a big help on Christmas.
I met up with another woman wanting games.
I handed them over and she said she was going to deliver them to some families that were in need.
And then she gave me a hug and it was awesome.
I love hugs.
I am so grateful to have had the experience of meeting so many awesome people this week.
So, thank you Craigslist.
I thought you were only the source of horror stories on dateline.
But apparently you offer so much more.
Like free puppies (I'm serious...people just give em away on the free section.)


  1. :) I'm glad that sometimes Craigslist is used for NOT shady business!

    1. Yes it's very much for good people as well apparently :)


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