Wednesday, December 25, 2013

cruella de vil

Aw Christmas.
The time for change.
Or is that New Years?
Eh, we can change it to Christmas this year right?
I hope so cause I took it upon myself to drastically change my luscious locks.
But first.....look at how massive my sister's dog is.....
I thought it was gonna kill me.
And also, it might be a horse?
Her other dog can literally run right under his belly without trouble.

After wrestling the dogs we got a bit bored.
So what else do you do when you have a hair stylist sister except do crazy things to your hair?
My sisters shaved part of their hair off.
This seemed appealing to me but of course, I wanted something a bit more shocking.
So I chose to dye my hair.
Just half.
Fire red.
I needed to do one last (?) crazy thing before I become a teacher.
It was a long time coming.
Be kind to me BYU.

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