Thursday, January 2, 2014

just say no

To New Year's resolutions.
Who needs 'em?
I'm not about to write a post listing my New Year's resolutions.
And I'm sure as heck not gonna post some crap about
"OK guys, it's a new year. I can feel it-2014 is going to be so much better!"
Is it?
You couldn't feel good enough about the last year so you're gonna lie to yourself and say that this next one is going to be better?
How about we make more realistic resolutions?
"I resolve to continue sitting in my sweats, eating pizza, browsing pinterest."
"I resolve to travel to these cool 2015."
"I resolve to buy a gym membership and let it gather dust."
Who even created New Year's resolutions?
Why do we make this big show about writing down our goals for the entire year?
We all know that we lose that paper in a week anyways.
It's rather humorous that we tell ourselves that this next year is going to be so much better.
That we are going to ACTUALLY keep our goals this year.
This year is THE year.
Well, ya said that last year....
And nothing changed.
We put so much emphasis on this ONE day.
We don't hold ourselves accountable for becoming better people on any other day of the year.
Just the first one.
Then it's ok to let ourselves go because.....
Eh. I'll try again next year.
How about we stop limiting ourselves to that one day?
Why don't we make goals to become the people we want to be every week? Every day?
Cause come on people.
We all know that New Year's is a joke.

*disclaimer: I do love the celebration of the day, but.....the concept around it is a bit over my head.


  1. I'm not a NYE resolution person either--but I do have hopes that some things will happen specifically in 2014. Mostly a specific job that opens up in August 2014. :)

    1. ooh very exciting!!! :) I hope you get it!

  2. I don't make New Year's resolutions either! Instead I make goals for each year of my life - 25 before 26, and so on. It's more successful and fun :)


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