Thursday, August 1, 2013

a job interview

I am pretty positive that I entered an alternate universe on Monday.
It was a strange day.
It started off at seven o clock at night when I got a phone call.
It was a call from Provo asking me if I wanted to interview for a job.
The interview was set for nine o clock at night (weird time right?)
I was in Riverton so after family home evening I took the journey down there.
And then the strangeness began.
Ya see, this campus is HUGE!
I graduated from SUU.....tiny campus.
I pulled into a parking lot and started running around looking for the right building.
(I was about to be late and on my application I stated that I am ALWAYS on time.
So it was mandatory to be timely.)
I was walking down the staircase of death when I turn to my right and see a deer.
Standing an arm's length away.
I think we stared at each other for a good five minutes.
I was stunned.
I came out of my trance and continued running down the stairs.
When I get to the bottom I hear the guy behind me exclaim "HOLY CRAP!"
Yup. He saw the deer too.
I turn around and ask him if he could so kindly help me find the place I am supposed to go to.
It's BYU so of course he kindly obliged.
I got to my destination on time and aced my interview.
I walk back into the hall and see the same guy waiting for me.
"Just wanted to see how your interview went"
"Good! They are going to call me tomorrow."
"Well I'm going to family home evening now, we are playing volleyball!"
"o.m.g. I love volleyball, can I come?"
I proceed to play volleyball with strangers and it was the best.
This guy then walked me to my car that was across the dark campus.
I appreciate it.
He asks for my number.
I give it to him, excited for a friend down in my future home city.
I drive away and the people I interviewed with call me.
"Hey, come back! We wanna offer you the job and give you the paper work."
I text guy to tell him the news.
When I come out of the building for the second time I see him waiting for me again.
"cool" I think to myself. I need help finding this next building.
He helps me.
I am holding the campus map.
He takes it out of my hand and proceeds to hold my hand as if we have known each other for a lifetime.
I am stunned for the second time tonight.
I had so much hope for you.

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