Sunday, August 25, 2013

more confessions and observations

>When you walk around with a child and they do something cute everybody smiles at you. It's as if they're saying "I approve of this child. Ya done good." And you smile back as if to say "Thank you. I put my best work into this one!"

>I hate when I follow a car for an insane amount of time. You even turn onto the same random streets as they do. I feel as if I need to announce to them that I'm not stalking just so happens that both of us are coming from the same place and going the same place.....

>I bet you didn't know that in the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point there are a bunch of mini gnomes hidden everywhere for the parents and older kids to look for. So far I've found one. I'm pretty proud!

>I moved into my new apartment. I walked in the front door and was bombarded with pictures of Jesus and copies of the Ensigns everywhere. Hopefully they didn't look in my cupboard. They would've found three shot glasses. I can feel them praying for me already.

>I think the ultimate test that people must go through in order to have a baby is to see if they can fold and unfold a stroller. Let's just say that I cannot.......I just end up shoving the whole open stroller into the backseat (much to the protest of the children that it usually ends up resting on). Those contraptions are tricky...

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