Wednesday, August 28, 2013

the cost of a microwave

Believe it or not my apartment didn't come with a microwave.
I discovered this in the saddest of ways.
I was at work and so excited to get home and eat my leftover Panda Express that was in the fridge.
I get home and prepare myself for the deliciousness of the orange chicken when I discover I have nothing to heat it up with.
So I run back to work to use one of their microwaves because I REALLY wanted that chicken.
I knew immediately that this problem must be fixed.
I head to D.I. to find a used one because there is no need to be fancy in college.
As I am walking to the register with the newest member of my appliance family, a woman comes up to me speaking rapid spanish that I obviously don't understand.
Eventually I figure out that she wants to sell me a microwave for cheaper than what D.I. is offering.
She says it's in her storage unit.
I think "It's a Wednesday. I have nothing to do. Why not?"
She offers to drive me, but I'm not THAT adventurous so I just followed behind in my car.
We get to her storage unit and the exchange is made.
(I felt like a drug dealer and it was kinda cool.....)
But the exchange wasn't over.
She proceeded to try to sell me all of her old clothes......
I tried to tell her in my most broken spanish (which really just means that I spoke in a slow hispanic accent)
"Lady. I don't want your clothes. The microwave is enough."
I don't think she understood because she started hugging and kissing me....
So I got in my car and left as swift as was possible.
And that's how a college student gets a deal on a microwave.

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