Monday, August 5, 2013

then they went on a hike

Right behind the Draper Temple there is a great series of trails.
They all start at the same point and branch off.
It is basically like a "choose-your-own destiny" novel.
You stumble upon forks in the road about every five minutes.
We got lucky and chose paths that were not too strenuous.
However, it is a MUST to watch for mountain bikers.
There were many times that we had to jump off into the bushes to avoid being mowed down.
Sidenote: horses and dogs also welcome, as  evidenced by the large amounts of poop on the trail.

Directions: Get off I-15 onto Bangerter going East. Turn left onto 13800 S. Right onto 1300 E. Go under the bridge then turn right onto Highland Drive. Left onto Rambling Road. At the traffic circle take the 2nd exit onto Sage Hollow Drive. Turn left onto Coyote Hollow Ct. You may have to park in the nearby church parking lot.

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