Tuesday, August 13, 2013

confessions and observations: part 6

>Being asked if you are single and having a tiny moment of panic where you wonder if you should lie or tell the truth. Evidently, we typically choose wrong.

>That proud moment when you actually reference to something you pinned on pinterest.
*the following conversation has happened multiple times*
"I love the movie Inception, but how do you think it ends?"
"Well, I pinned something that explains it all........"
I feel like the little boy making the fist in that one meme.....ya know.....
Then I tuck the pin back into the folds of the internet until it is relevant seven years from now.

>Speaking of pinterest....this website basically just brings out all of our inner hoarders.
"I better pin this.....I never know when I'm going to need to know how to survive a fight with a mermaid."

>Does anyone else wake up from a normal night of sleeping just absolutely sore? And then you have to rack your brain trying to remember if you ran some sort of marathon in your sleep?

>I feel like I revert to the life of a four-year-old when I break something. I instantly go into recovery mode and try to hide all the damage and act like it never happened. Then when someone stumbles upon the broken item one of two things happen. one. They think that they broke it and so you silently high five yourself. two. They ask who did it and you immediately deny it and vow to not sleep until you find out who did it. Then precedes an imaginary hunt for the perp.

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