Wednesday, November 26, 2014

unfinished semester

I've got a secret.
I kept it from most people because I was tired of the comments.
"You're just being lazy", ""You're taking the easy way out","You're a quitter", "You just don't want to do it because it's hard".
And....none of those are true.
Anyone who has read this blog for more than a year knows that I have hated being at BYU.
For example: 1, 2, And I don't care enough to find anymore....
And after a year of wanting to drop out....I finally did.
I threw up my hands and decided that it was enough.
I have too great a purpose in life to waste anymore time being angry, bitter, and miserable.
I didn't do it to escape responsibility or hard work.
I still have to deal with the consequences of quitting, paperwork, and my jobs.
But now...I am happy with how I'm spending my days.
Every part of my life is happy now.
I don't have the burden of working towards something that I don't really want right now.
Instead I am doing things that I am passionate about.
I am doing things that I actually care about,
And I love it.
So I'm not just following my "Free Spirit" or "Running away from responsibility".
I'm just running away from misery.


  1. Hi Kenzie! I'm creeping on your blog! I just wanted to say BLESS YOU for this post. I told someone the other day I wanted to do the same thing, take a break form school to do what I want, and they said,"Well, be careful you don't waste your life." Because getting a degree in something I don't care about isn't a waste. Sorry for this rant, it is just nice to hear someone say what I have been thinking for so long.

    1. Thanks for creeping I appreciate it :) I also appreciate this comment! :) People are very discouraging towards people that don't do things conventionally. And so it is always nice to hear from someone that understands. I just don't understand why people would waste time on something that they don't actually want or enjoy. It's silly.


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