Monday, December 8, 2014


My name is McKenzie and I have an addiction.
My addiction is to getting any and every job that I can.
Once upon a time a month ago I even went as far as having 4 jobs at once.
I love weird jobs.
Since dropping out I have narrowed it down to two winners.
And the most recent job I've gotten is a CNA gig at an assisted living home.
It's definitely quite the new experience for me.
I mean, there was about 20 funny memes that explain this job very well.
But I'll leave that to you to google.
Instead, I'll just share these stupendously hilarious things the residents say to me.....
>*When taking one of the women to the bathroom*  "I've gotta piddle...I've gotta piddle."
>*When I told one resident that her undies were showing* She pulled her dress down and said, "No more free show."
>*While trying to play piano for one of the residents to sing to.* I guess I wasn't very good because he leaned in and said, "We've all got out struggles."
>"I can't wait to get to the other side of the veil. Wouldn't it be so fun to see all of your old boyfriends?"
>*When serving salad at dinner* "I don't want that. I'm not a rabbit."
>*It got a little chilly when I was changing one of the residents* "Oh Godfrey."

And my very favorite.....
>*When one of the residents walked in wearing a sweatshirt as pants I tried to take them off.* It was a little difficult so I asked him how he did it. His reply.... "Well it wasn't easy!!"


  1. My little sis has her CNA license but isn't working as one right now. That's a tough but needed job! And i can tell I've spent too much time in uniform stores with angel when that little winky face is an obvious logo of a brand of scrubs.

  2. It is very tough, but such a fabulous job in my opinion! Those scrubs are my favorite! Cheap and attractive haha


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