Thursday, November 20, 2014


“Hey, I like your dress.”
“Thanks. I traded two pants for it.”

Ya see, I was born a natural forager.
It’s sort of a gift.
I think at talent shows I could dumpster dive and win first place.
I’m that good at foraging.
Now, it’s not like I was forced into it growing up.
My parents didn’t make us wear potato sacks or clothes we found in the gutter.
We didn’t have to scrape the bottom of the refrigerator drawers to find dinner to eat.
It’s just something that I’ve grown to love.
I believe that anything not previously owned by another person is not even worth the money.
I think that any food that is free is the best kind of food-even if it’s liver from a can.
I find it enjoyable to figure out how I will survive another day on the streets.
(Even though I don’t technically live on the street….but I would find it a fun little challenge.)
So if you need any help in your foraging skills…..
The art of eating non-poisonous berries, eating eggs from only the most organic chickens, finding the best thrift store clothes, or cooking with only homegrown plants….

This girl is the person to talk to.

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