Monday, November 10, 2014

mom and dad's place

Being a college student really makes a person appreciate their roots.
And when I say roots I mean mom and dad's house.
Because when it costs 3 dollars to do laundry, there's nothing better than free laundry services at home.
Especially when you fall asleep on the couch and your mom does it for you.
Speaking of falling asleep on the couch....
Ya gotta be grateful for that peace and quiet that definitely does not accompany the college life.
Two hours of uninterrupted napping in a public space?
It's the little things.
And you can't forget about grabbing some food that doesn't contain 1000 pounds of sugar or preservatives.
Real vegetables? Actual potatoes? CEREAL??
I always have to help myself to a bowl of cereal whenever I go home.
I can't afford that crap!
And instead of trying to wear all the scarves, sweats, and blankets you own....
You can just cuddle up in front of the heater in the living room.
(I don't gotta worry about paying the utility bill)
And there's nothing like going home when your sick.
When your roommate brings you Sprite it's just not the same as when your mom does.
It must be some special ingredient moms have.
(Maybe she was spittin in it.....or the ingredient is love?)
Nonetheless, go home's pretty great!


  1. :) Yes it is, even when you're not a college student any more, it can be pretty great!

    1. Yes this is probably true. I think it's just nice to have someone take responsibility over :)


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