Friday, November 7, 2014

why being a grown-up is dumb

We live our lives carefree for so long and then we hit a wall.
At whatever age it comes at, it comes too soon.
We let the world affect us and warp our thoughts.
We used to play hide n seek until it got dark out.
Now, we sit on our computers…doing homework or paying bills…until bedtime.
We used to eat twenty popsicles and ten cookies while we watched Arthur.
Now, we count calories and “Juice” while we watch the news.
We used to wear a rainbow of colors and clothes that were covered in mud and rips.
Now, we are uncivilized if we don’t wear shoes.
We used to care more about climbing trees than what our body looked like.
Now, we trim, tweeze, cover-up, and cinch.
We have to have a plan for our life, we have to be proper and professional.
So, I hereby declare that being a grown-up is dumb.
And I don't want to have a plan for my life.
I don't want to be proper.
I don't want to trim, tweeze, cover-up, and cinch.
I want to eat otter-pops until I puke a rainbow.
I want to have a chicken fight on the monkey bars.
I now denounce adulthood. 
If you need to find me, I will probably be in a tree playing with a gameboy.


  1. I think there are many aspects of adulthood that should be renounced...but since that's not possible for all of us, I'll settled for maintaining some of the fun and wonder of childhood as long as I can!

    1. Yes this is true! I suppose we just have to deal with the dumb long as we still have some fun :)


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