Wednesday, January 29, 2014

i excercised

I definitely didn't take this picture, but this is basically what I looked like.

I went to the gym today.
I went last week and greatly embarrassed myself but I decided to try again.
I was getting some cardio in and life was great and then the moment hit me.
Ya know, that moment when you're all sweaty and out of breath and you decide to look at the time.
And then you realize that you have been there for two minutes?
Yeah, that moment.
I cursed gyms and then decided to make it to five minutes.
A whole five minutes of exercise?
Well, ask my lazy 19 year old self.
And my lazy 18 year old self.
And my lazy 17 year old self.
And my.....
You get the idea.
Five minutes of a gym?
That's an accomplishment.
Baby steps.


  1. hahaha!! I exercised in a gym one time. I went with my nearly 70 year old grandpa and I outran him on the treadmill and was proud of myself. :)


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