Tuesday, January 7, 2014

the response

The response towards my hair was vast.
The cool people complimented me.
The rest of society just stared at me as if I had two heads.
My bosses loved it.
They loved it so much that they promoted me....to cleaning the pool!
No dirty toilets for me anymore.
No sir.
My bishop was a little shocked by it.
In Sunday School he came over to sit by me and loudly announced,
"I'm going to sit by the crazy lady."
That's what they'll call me.
I went to my first day of class ready to whip out the sass if my teachers didn't approve.
I sit in my only class of the day and my teacher with his british accent and torn up sneakers says,
"The lady with the wonderful hair, please introduce yourself!"
He then proceeded to tell me that he wanted his hair to be that same color but his wife wouldn't let him.
Surprisingly I have had no negative attention brought to my beautiful head of 'rock-n-roll red' hair.
The only obstacle that I can see is taking my religion exams in the testing center.
I'll just save my sass for then.
OK BYU....you're a little cooler than I thought you were.


  1. :) I'm one of those who is always automatically attracted to extreme hair colors, too!

    1. mmm yes! The more extreme the better ;)


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