Tuesday, January 14, 2014

number fifty-six

I crossed another item off of my bucket list.
Participate in a food eating contest.
(I know that it wasn't official or anything, but I get to make up my own rules.)
On Saturday night I was in apartment 102 when the guys proposed going to Pizza Pie Cafe.
I had never been so I invited myself to go along as well.
An eating contest was proposed.
And I, having an unnecessary amount of confidence in my abilities to eat, wanted in.
They asked if I was sure that I wanted to compete against them and I said that of course I was.
Because I was gonna win.
We arrive at the eatery and pile our plates high with pizza.
As I began eating I looked forward to the three free dinners I was going to receive from the losers.
I cruised through my first plate and gladly went back for another stack.
Now, there was a period at the end of last spring semester that I ate a whole pizza every night.
But.....my wallet has since shrunk.
Causing my stomach to shrink as well.
(To accommodate for the lesser amounts of food....I'm sure you can all relate).
This is what I'm going to blame it on at least.
Because I ate my eleventh slice and I knew.
That I had just made a huge mistake.
I quickly convinced one of my competitors to tie for last with me so I would only have to bake two dinners.
And then I went quiet.
And stayed quiet the rest of the night as I laid on my bed silently cursing the Italians for creating such a tempting cuisine.
Surprisingly, the next morning I woke up craving pizza.
So...there's that.
The time that I ALMOST won a pizza eating contest.....kinda.


  1. oh please, the time you almost won??? kenzie we destroyed you!

    1. hahahaha it's my blog. I can lie.

    2. as long as you don't delete my comment i'm ok with that...


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