Wednesday, January 8, 2014

the woes of a student

I only slept for four hours last night.
And that's normal.
I go through my day fearing that I will fall asleep in some random place.
(Side note: one of my biggest fears is falling asleep in public and letting one rip.)
I also fear that someone will notice that I am wearing the same clothes as yesterday.
But ya know what?
Wearing the same clothes saves ten extra minutes of precious sleep time.
So I do it anyways because I'm a grown up and I can.
I go to my classes and cross my fingers that I understand what is being taught.
And then of course I don't.
So I give up on the day and try to nap.
But I can't so I decide to give my homework a shot.
And since I didn't understand what was being taught in class I don't understand my homework.
So I make up some answers that look real pretty.
Then I re-consider dropping out of school.
And look at the benefits of living without a college degree.
I could make it work right?
Am I in the right field?
Am I headed in the right direction?
I don't know.
My dream job doesn't have a title and I'm pretty sure it doesn't exist so I guess I'll settle for this major.
Cause it's a little close to what I wanna do.
Then I look at my bank account and think about dropping out again.
But I know that I can't.
And I won't.
And ya know what makes the fact that I'm stuck in college so much better?
Getting to go to work and eat my two nightly cookies.
Cause I'm in college and don't care about carbs.
It's all worth it right?
(I'm referring to college....not the carbs. Carbs are always worth it.)


  1. College CAN be worth it--though I'm not at all certain that it ALWAYS is. I'm glad I went. I'm very glad my husband went. And I'm not at all sure that most people's dream jobs truly exist, so we must all have some kind of practical side!

    1. yeah this is true. I just need to get through this last semester.


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