Thursday, January 16, 2014

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Positioning Yoga/The People's History of the United States/What Do You Want To Do Before You Die?/The Century/The Truly Disadvantaged

One of my dear friends, Madison, inspired this post.
She included in her last post a link to all the books she read this year.
These are the books I'm currently reading.
Yeah, it's normal for me to read roughly five books at a time.
Growing up I vowed to read every book in the entire library.
But, libraries are big.
So I mostly just got through the Olsen Twins detective books before reality hit.
But I never stopped trying.
To this day I go to the library about once a week and spend hours there.
(My library card number is one of the only numbers I have memorized.)
And let me loose in a used book store and I will spend any money I have.
Reading is fun guys.
Here is a list of the books I have read in the last couple months that received my stamp of approval:

Of Mice And Men
To Kill A Mockingbird
Into The Wild
The Last American Man
The Dharma Bums
The Alliance
Digital Fortress
The Great Gatsby

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  1. hey i just saw this post! That's awesome. I'm usually not a juggler of books, as in I am usually the type of person who likes to start and finish one book before I start another. But sometimes that's hard, and boring. Maybe I'll start by reading two at the same time! Haha things are getting crazy up in here.


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