Monday, January 20, 2014

contents of my purse

Yup, that's it!
My wallet, temple recommend, and emergency beard (c/o Tyler).
Who needs more than that?
OK...maybe I do.
One day I needed a pen.
So I turned to the fella next to me,
"Hey, do you have a pen I could borrow? All I got's a beard."
And that's when I realized that it's weird to carry a beard in your purse.
But it came in handy down at Utah Lake last night when my face was freezing.
See, I make a terrible girl.
I have always struggled with purses.
I either carry nothing or I carry too much.
For example:
In middle school I had two particular purses.
The first was approximately the size of my fist and carried maybe two sticks of gum.
And then I upgraded.
To a purse that I literally use as a duffel bag now.
What was I thinking carrying around that big of a purse?
I like to joke that your confidence is only as big as your purse.
And I had a BIG purse.
And now I just have a weird purse.
So.....pretty accurate.


  1. A beard in your purse?! Hilarious.

    1. yeah just in case the perfect time to wear a beard proposes itself!

  2. Hahahaha! You're crazy. I love it.

  3. that's awesome. I just don't carry a purse.... my wallet contains my temple recommend and my keys are attached to it. hahaha! Sometimes I even keep a bobby pin, a ponytail, and chapstick all in that tiny little wallet of mine. It's awesome.

    1. Dude that's genius. But then where do you put your beard?? haha

  4. I make sure to have at least ten cents in mine, just in case! right, Kenzie? ;)

    1. hahahaha you're so right!! :) I should start doing that from now on!


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