Thursday, July 25, 2013

one month

I have one month.
One month until I move down to Provo and school starts.
One month until Summer ends.
One month until I can't wear shorts above the knee.
(Just kidding Provo.)

Change is such a bitter-sweet thing.
I am beyond excited to start school in a new place.
Every time I think about it I get so giddy because I just cannot wait.
But this Summer treated me well.
I made some good friends up here that I am very grateful for.
Many memories were made and will be remembered.
Many relationships were built that i will not forget.

Thinking about this last month I have I look back and wonder if I spent my time well this Summer.
Have I done everything that I wanted to do?
Have I had the experiences that i hoped to have?
Or have I wasted it?
When I wonder this I feel peace.
I think I have spent my time wisely.
There is always going to be thoughts such as
"Well maybe I could've done such and such adventure instead of watching Duck Dynasty all night."
But those times are already past.
(And I don't regret watching multiple Duck Dynasty marathons)
So I will make up for them in this last month.
I can't waste my time dwelling on the past when I have such a short future left here.
How many adventures can I squeeze in this last month?
What will you do in this next month to give life more meaning?

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