Sunday, July 7, 2013

confessions and observations of a college student: part 4

1. The other day I was at work and was overcome with hunger. I looked through the fridge again and again, every time hoping I would find a big tub of ice cream that I had somehow missed the first five times. Finally I moved a container of yogurt aside and laid my eyes on the most heavenly sight: a tupperware of leftover cheesecake. I got a fork out and took the biggest bite I could muster. I instantly regretted it. Why did this cheesecake taste like the most awful thing I had ever put into my mouth? After a closer examination I realized with deep sorrow that I had just take a huge bite out of.....brie cheese. So disappointing.

2. I recently finished watching Prison Break, which was quite the edge-of-your-seat-the-whole-series type of show. It was a good show, but did anyone else feel weird cheering for people breaking out of prison?

3. I think that when reading a book the first thing that everyone does when they have fallen in love with a character is to turn to the last chapter to see if their name is still there. Just to make sure they don't tragically die somewhere in the middle.

4. I think the mood for the day is determined in the morning. For instance, if I pour my bowl of cereal and then reach into the fridge and realize that there is no milk....then I know it's gonna be a bad day.

5. I started a puzzle. While I was sorting through the pieces I found many pieces that were still connected to their counter-part. This makes me so happy. It's as if the person who did this puzzle before me knew that I needed a little boost in my day. How kind of them to so lazily put a puzzle away.

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