Friday, July 5, 2013

a happy fourth

I will say it again.
The Fourth of July is my favorite (legitimate) holiday!
Barbeques, fireworks, family, and swimming.
All the best things that Summer has to offer smashed into one day.
(Ok...the swimming will be a little belated for me, but you get the idea...)
And I loved seeing everybody's awesome pictures on Instagram.
This year my family headed down to my aunt's house for a massive eating party.
A.K.A. barbeque.
Complete with homemade ice cream.
(So good...)
I taught my cousin's little boy to make this face when he saw the fireworks.

This only lasted until we pulled out the Screamers.
And then he forgot the fun that fireworks are supposed to be.
Poor guy.
We continued with the fire show though.
All in the name of America.

We ended the night by watching the Riverton fireworks.
In the street with the rest of the city.
I really wish that fireworks shows were just 15 straight minutes of finale-worthy material.
That would be great.
The weekend will finish itself with a wedding reception, a backyard campout, and much swimming.
Because who doesn't love swimming in 100 degrees?

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