Wednesday, July 24, 2013

pioneer day

Today is the 24th of July.
And for everybody in Utah you know what that means...
Pioneer Day!
Complete with rodeos, parades, and fireworks.
Every year my family packs our suitcases and goes up to Salt Lake for the night.
To take part in the Days of '47 parade.
My aunt and uncle started volunteering in the parade quite some time ago.
The tradition is still being handed down and carried on.
We started the day with the best of breakfasts at 5:30.
Then the waiting game began.
Our little group had to wait until about 8 o clock for our job to begin and for orders to be carried out.
I was on babysitting duty.

It was a grand ol' time as you can tell.
Then we sat and watched the parade.
You should know: parades are my favorite.
And I will defend their importance until the sun goes down.
This float is always a particular favorite of mine.

I've come to believe that Utah crowds are the best kind of crowd.
I think we are the only state that will cheer louder for missionaries walking through the crowds more so than for the actual floats.
No really.
Even the people IN the parade would cheer for them!

Keeping with tradition we rode the bus at the end.

And as is tradition....
I tried to get into as many pictures as I could whilst making a derp face with my favorite cuz, Shelly!
And my sister Rebecca.

There are going to be many Asians going through their pictures and wondering who the crazy white chick in the background is.
That's what I'm here for America.
Until next year.

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