Saturday, July 27, 2013

i'm on a boat man.

I crossed something else off the bucket list.
Number twenty three.
Ride on a boat.
Hannah took me and some others up to her cabin for a birthday celebration!
It was a blast.
We got up there on Friday and her grandpa took us out on the water.
How have I never done this before?
It was maybe the funnest thing I've ever experienced.
I almost mastered the knee boarding.
I attempted a 360, but lost my grip at the end.
Eh, next time right?
Now, water slides are my absolute favorite so I knew that tubing would not disappoint.
And it didn't.
I think that it is impossible to ride a tube without laughing hysterically the entire time.
Am I right?
The rest of the trip was spent four wheeling, playing Mexican horseshoes, burning smores, and burning me.
Why can't Summer last forever?

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