Thursday, July 18, 2013

bucket list jars

I have had my bucket list items written on little papers for a while now.
I needed to contain them somehow so they would stop falling into my garbage can...
So I settled on painting some jars.
And here's how they turned out.

First, I put painters tape around the jars so I could get a straight line.

Then I painted the jars using spray paint and acrylic paint.
The spray paint was a butt-load easier.

Then I made tags for the jars so I knew what was in which jar.

For the cards inside I write the bucket list item on the front.
With the completed ones, I write details about accomplishing it.
(e.g. where, when, with whom)

And there ya have it.
Thank heavens for mason jars, am I right??
To see my bucket list go here!

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